First Meeting

The orientation began August 1st and lasted until August 7th. The purpose of the orientation was to get us foreign teachers together so we could all meet and learn about what to expect from teaching in Taiwan.  Most of the teachers were from the US but there were quite a few from Canada.  I was so pleased to be a part of a program that had so many teachers participating.  I met new teachers everyday that had varied teaching experience in their home countries and abroad.  

At orientation I learned that there were going to be 3 teachers going to Hualien to teach, myself and two young ladies from Indiana.  I couldn't have been more thrilled when I found out that I was going to be near two teachers that I could share this experience with. 

During the day we had several classes to teach us about the Taiwanese culture, ESL teaching, and we had several Mandarin lessons to help  us communicate with the Taiwanese people.  During the night we had awesome trips to night markets including the famous Shilin night market, a famous temple, and Snake Alley.  We got to try local foods like oyster omelet and stinky tofu. 

I had a blast at orientation and I didn't want it to end.  Unfortunately it did, a day early!   The other two Hualien teachers and I had to leave a day early because of the typhoon Morakot.  We weren't able to buy a reserved seat ticket on the train so we had to stand and sit on our bags on the train for 3 hours during the night to get to Hualien.  So you could say it was a rough start but  got much easier after the arrival.