Today I was frustrated because the students have been working on Christmas cards for their cultural heritage crafts and mostly it hasn't been going well for various reasons.   Last week was their first week working on the cards and basically they were creating a draft of the card. The week didn't go so well for me because there were some things that I didn't forsee with the cards and the students got a lot less finished than I had anticipated.  As every teacher knows, having fun can easily get out of hand.  It did a little so students were not very productive. So this week I wasn't sure what was going to happen.  Well, new obstacles came up today and I am really proud of the students that completed their work and acted selflessly to complete the Christmas cards for their classmate.  My spirits were lifted by the end of the day when one of my students presented me with a Christmas card.  The inside says "Dear: Mrs. Scott  Thanks your this days the attendance.  You deliver my card.  My unusal like.  Wishing you to be Christmas day joyful!" -Student Paula-  I absolutely love it!
1/14/2010 02:23:03 am

Hey hun, well it seems like everything over their is coming together, and you are handling teaching very well. I am super proud of my babygurl!!! I wish you the best, and I love you more than words!!! MUAH!!! :)

7/25/2011 05:19:05 pm

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