I am very excited for the new year to begin.  I have been preparing a little and have been getting excellent ideas from other experienced teachers.

I have been to my school several times now and I really like it.  All the teachers including myself have a teacher's desk in the faculty office.  Many of the the teachers at my school are school teachers and have to do administrative work so they have a huge work load. 

For the past week and until the school year begins in late August I will have to go to work from Monday until Wednesday 8:30 until noon.  I have met a few of the students and they are very excited to have a
foreign English teacher in their school.  I have learned that I will be a traveling teacher which means that I will teach in several different classes and I will have to bring my things with me.  I will be teaching grades 4 through 6.  My role as a teacher is to make Engish fun and interesting.  I will sing songs, play games, and help students develope confinidence with speaking English.  I don't have to assess thier progress. I feel so lucky so have found a great job in such a beautiful area.

This is neat. I've saved all of your
e-mails so far. The pictures are
wonderful. You have a CARE package on
the way. Don't expect them too often as shipping is out of sight. Tomorrow is
Tara's 28th birthday. Grandma Bonnie
just returned from a trip to Ca. with her new man friend. We told her to go for
it and she did. He is a widower she has
known a long time. Love, Virginia


The man who has made up his mind to win will never say "impossible". Do you think so?


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