My appologies for not posting any recent stuff.  For the past few weeks I have been struggling with what I should write.  There have been some communication issues between me and my collegues. 

I've learn so much about myself by living and teaching here in Taiwan.  I've known for a while that I am passive, cooperative, and a hard worker.  It has really surprised me how those qualities have given me so much stress. 

Without going into detail I will say that due to advice from a Taiwanese English teacher and experienced teachers from America I have learned A.) Its OK to say no, even to my elders.  I have to work harder at being assertive verbally, and non-verbally.  B.)  I should document all types of communication between myself and my co-teachers, and superiors. There are so many miscommunications because of the English barriers, etc. so I have to be careful. C.) I have to prioritize.  It's important that I am certain of what is definitely important to me and what should not be important to me.

I hope that their good advice is helpful to someone.  I think I will be uneasily practicing their advice for a while because it conflicts with the teaching I was brought up with.
1/11/2010 07:45:09 am

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2/2/2010 02:33:35 pm

I have always been interested in knowing how to get a visa for a journey to the Taiwan ESL teaching world. Do you know about the different types of visa that available?

Robert Marquardt
7/14/2010 03:33:08 pm

I have been teaching EFL in Taiwan now for four years. If you want to teach here you first need to acquire a visitor's visa for 60 days. After you arrive in Taiwan and have a job that visa can be changed to a ARC, alien residence card. The ARC is usually good for one year. If the school renews your contract another year then they will get an extension or renewal of the ARC. You must have an ARC to work in Taiwan legally.

11/3/2010 11:47:04 am

To be or not to be? This is question.


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