After days of asking the same questions over and over in many different ways I was finaly met with some concrete answers today.  I now know that I will be teaching grades 4 through 6 and I have 19 classes.  I am also responsible for teaching the staff English if they are interested.  If, however they are not I will teach grade 3.  Since my school doesn't begin teaching English until 3rd grade, if I have that class it will be very similar to teaching my toddlers which I absolutely loved doing this summer.  I also found out that I will be responsible to teaching about holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and possible Thanksgiving.  If you would like to send some items to help me teach about those holidays I would greatly appreciate it.  In addition to the holiday celebration planning I have to help with schoolwide English competitions which are very competitive and intense.  My teachers have already started to share with me the pressure and tension we will be under for months out of the semester.  Learning more about what I will be doing here as an English teacher has made me feel more comfortable and confident in my ability to teach.  One funny task that I have learned that I need to do is act as a cross-walk patroller.  This job was given to me for two reasons: 1-make sure students get across the road safely, and 2-allow community to see that my school has a foreign English teacher.  (lol) So I have to stand around school and wave to people and maybe say "hello." Taiwanese love to say "hello" to my roommate and I when we are riding through town on our bikes.

My first day of school will be August 31st.  There aren't any breaks until January 1st.  I will be back in school January 4 and my winter break isn't until January 20th.  That's a lot of work!

I learned today that I will be observing the local English teachers for the first two weeks to get to know the students and to get to know the Taiwanese classroom environment at my school.  By the third week I will be the full-time teacher in all my classes.  I will always have a co-teacher but with all the demanding schoolwide activities they may be busy planning and preparing for them. I am ready to produce my ideas in the classroom and get to know the students.
10/24/2010 07:13:21 pm

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