Lately I have been thinking about the numerous challenges that I face as a foreign English teacher.  I knew that my job wouldn't be perfect and I would face many challenges but I am not sure that I am accomplishing much these days with my older students.

I am teaching 22 classes now (4 grade levels/ 5-6 classes each grade).  I favor 5th grade students the most.  They are smart and  enthusiatic about learning English.  3rd and 4th graders are fine but I want to pull all my hair out with my 6th graders.  Most of them show no interest in learning English and therefore under perform in all types of formal and informal assessments.  
For weeks now I have been racking my brain over how to catch their attention so I've come up with games, adapted my teaching methods, but nothing seems to work with most of them.  I wish I could only teach the few of the entire but that actually wanted to learn English. 

I haven't given up.  I am still learning and growing. ;) I wish I had more time to work with them 40minutes once a week is just too little time.
Julie Thompson
12/11/2009 02:10:44 am

Hang in there, Cassandra! Sounds like you have more than a full load, and I'm sure your accomplishing a lot more than you realize. Arkansas is proud of you!

Stacey Holbrook
12/15/2009 03:51:34 am

It sounds like the 6th graders lack of enthusiasm for learning may be universal! The students that are not putting out any effort to learn may wish they had later. The ones that have want to learn are worth the effort, right?

Coach Stotts
12/20/2009 08:58:22 am

Don't Give Up!

11/5/2010 10:47:32 am

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