There has been a lot of talk about me getting my own classroom and finally I have one.  I will still have a co-teacher for all my lessons but now I do not have to move from one class to another. 

Teaching this week as a traveling teacher has been really difficult.  In each room I have to locate the teaching materials for that room and then prepare the manipulatives each time I teach.  That takes time away from my lessons and I do not get to welcome the students.  In addition to finding the materials in their various locations I have to work in several different classroom environments.  I tried to be very adaptible and flexible but my frustrations got the best of me and once I knew I was going to have my own room I couldn't help but think Hallelujah!!! 

Having my own room will help me to better manage the students, quickly learn their names, and have my very own materials for teaching. 

I am so excited to have my own room!!! I start cleaning and decorating it today.  Hopefully I will be ready to teach in it by tomorrow.   

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