Although I had to work through Thankgiving and Christmas which was emotionally difficult, I believe that the best teaching moments have been saved for last.  The last couple of weeks I have hardly taught any of my classes! Yeah!  One great thing about being a FET in my school is that you sparcly involved in assessing the students.  My co-teachers have taught all classes the past couple of weeks.  The students prepared for their final exams and have now taken their final exams and I didn't have to prep them or be involved in the testing.  Basically, I have been relaxing and preparing for my winter camp, and just sitting on my bum! Ok..not exactly.   Teaching abroad has its challenges but I am glad that I have had these couple of weeks to reflect on how things went and how to make improvements.  I've thought of more games, mental starters, and  fun exercises.  
Rita Shettles

Have you tried using Total Physical Response (TPR) methods?


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